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Rochelle Louise Smith

Rochelle has a background and degrees in psychology. She is a writer, a dreamer and the founder of The Honour Project. 


In 2017, Rochelle left a 12-year corporate career in occupational rehabilitation to pursue her dream of living a more creative life. She is an advocate for the development of the self and the psyche and loves the synchronicity of life and all things philosophical. Alongside her work with The Honour Project, Rochelle contributes in the community health and hospital space, working with clients in a face to face capacity.


With over 16 years of professional experience, Rochelle's approach to the helping profession can be described as 'mixing the science of psychology with soul', incorporating knowledge obtained from the sciences, ancient and modern philosophy, eastern medicine, the natural world, spirituality and life experience. 


Rochelle loves people and believes in the kindness of humanity. She aims to assist others to accept and connect with their authentic selves and feels that living in alignment with the true self (in full expression) and claiming personal power is the key to fulfilling potential.


Her own experience with mental health has led her down the path of psychology and she is passionate about normalising mental health difficulties, whilst highlighting the duality of life - one that encompasses both struggle and growth.

Rochelle created The Honour Project spreading her insights and the benefits of honouring who we are. Her writing is her personal therapy. Through her clarity of expression, she hopes to reach others by sharing her knowledge, lessons learnt and soul.


Advanced Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Honours), Monash University

Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Monash University

Diploma of Counselling, Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations and English), The University of Sydney