Mental Health-Kit.

There are tools to manage anxiety

You can get back on track.

Everyone feels anxiety from time to time - it's a part of our natural response system to threat but in some instances, anxiety is experienced beyond the standard realm. It isn't just worry, stress or nerves.


When anxiety is frequent and persistent, appearing for no particular reason and impacting on your quality of life and everyday ability to cope or function - it might be a sign that something isn't right.

Anxiety can feel all-consuming to the point that it can stop you in your tracks but it doesn't have to rule you. Anxiety is manageable. There are many ways to help deal with anxiety and those who seek out the use of tools and support are more likely to get on top of it.


When anxiety is hanging about, try this.


Box breathing


Close your eyes. Breathe in slowly for a count of four. Hold for a count of four. Breathe out slowly for a count of four. Repeat until the breath brings relief.


Move your body


Anxiety is an emotion and like all emotions, anxiety can be released through the use of bodywork or motion. Get moving with some exercise, stretching, dance or yoga.

Music helps, turn it up!

Anxiety playlist  Anxiety playlist  Anxiety playlist  Anxiety playlist  Anxiety playlist

Music is an instant energy shifter and can provide a sense of soothing - a helping hand in the form of emotional resonance. This compilation explores the emotional aspects of anxiety, offering comfort, catharsis and a healthy punch of hope and inspiration. Play now on Spotify.

Get yourself a go-to supporter

Our self-help book has all the tools you need.

Anxiety is overwhelming enough so we've made managing it easier. Bigger than Anxiety provides practical and real life strategies and insights for dealing with anxiety. For a one time only payment, you'll get years worth of psychological tips and knowledge in the one digital package.

Pick up the lessons, put them down and swap them around whenever you need. With unlimited access and ease of accessibility, you'll always have a go-to-supporter.

I am ready to manage my anxiety. Show me how!


"My own experience with anxiety has provided me with a well-rounded perspective on how to best manage it (beyond what I've learnt in my professional endeavours in psychology). In a funny way, I thank anxiety for that because it's made me a better practitioner. When you are experiencing anxiety, you tend to become your own worst critic. But you wouldn't kick a loved one when they are down, so why kick yourself? A lot of evidence shows that self-acceptance and self-compassion play significant roles in the healing journey. Be good to you. Support the part of yourself that is struggling. Instead of criticising yourself during times of anxiety, could you validate yourself instead? Ask yourself what it is you need. For me, this was a game changer." - Rochelle x 

Take a word of wisdom from our founder

Image by Kenrick Mills

Reflect on these affirmations.

Ride the wave, it's normal to feel through things.

This too shall pass.

Struggle is often how we grow into better versions of ourselves.

You are worthy of feeling calm, nourished and nurtured.

Thoughts are just words in your head - not truth.

Doing nice things for yourself feels amazing.

You can trust your life. The roadblocks, the speedbumps, the rejections and the unmet "ideals". It's all guiding you.

Transformation isn't linear, so go easy. 

You are always doing your best.


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