When you are in a funk.

Updated: Feb 23

Things to remember

You are allowed to feel crappy sometimes. Be kind to the part of you that's struggling.

Happiness is not our natural baseline. There will be highs and lows and everything in between. The key is in navigating the lows by seeking out healthy ways to respond to our feelings.

Thoughts and feelings are transient. The funk won't last forever!

What we ignore and supress doesn't go away, it gets louder and louder in an attempt to get our attention. See the emergence of certain feelings, not as a sign of having gone backwards (you haven't!), but as an opportunity to express and heal your feelings.

Emotion seeks expression. Move. Stretch. Walk. Dance. Talk. Write. Cry. Shake it out.

Let yourself feel whatever you are feeling (without judgement) and when you're ready, take small steps towards what makes you feel good.

Some healthy feel good options... nature, exercise, music, socialising with friends and family, swimming, good nutrition, painting, meditation, journaling, dancing, yoga, going for a walk, watching a sunset, making something with your hands, cooking, reading a book, riding a bike, road trips, sitting on the grass in the sun.

There is nothing within you that you cannot face or handle.

Trust yourself and your life. Often there is a positive that sits behind challenging times, it's how we change and grow into better versions of ourselves.

Be patient with yourself. You are doing okay, however that looks today.

Life can be hard sometimes but it isn't meant to be so serious. Find time for some light-hearted fun.




Date | 9 December 2020

Author | Rochelle Smith, The Honour Project

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