Bigger than Anxiety is a book for humans, for those who experience anxiety at any level. 


More than just a mental health guide, Bigger than Anxiety is a thought-provoking take on anxiety and what it's telling you. It's a source of inspiration and a new way of viewing the self and mental health. It's is a rebel with a cause, a breath of fresh air and a message that aims to spark inner awareness and empowerment. 


Bigger than Anxiety approaches anxiety differently, not as a weakness or malfunction but as a signal. It might not seem like it at times but behind the struggle of anxiety lies a pivotal message, something that is helping you to grow and evolve into your truest form.


The good things inside.


The book takes the role of a go-to-supporter for anxiety, offering 35 lessons plus 5 additional wisdom pieces. The lessons can be read, put down and returned to whenever the need calls and provide practical tools, insights and inspiration for managing anxiety.


You'll see that the lesson content aligns with the self in its totality, each chapter focusing on an aspect of the whole being -


Chapter 1: Mind & Body

Chapter 2: The Thinking You

Chapter 3: The Feeling You

Chapter 4: The Doing You

Chapter 5: The Real You


Anxiety isn’t your foe, but you are bigger than anxiety.


As well as offering science-based psychological tools, the book will go deeper in its exploration of anxiety by looking into the soul messages that sit beyond the surface, those things that are playing a role behind the scenes but are often neglected in anxiety management.


Cue The Iceberg Effect - here you will be introduced to an integrative approach to anxiety management developed by The Honour Project. This approach addresses anxiety's multi-dimensional nature, as well as targeting the things that keep it running.


Anxiety is rough.


You don't need to endure anxiety or continue having it rule you.


Bigger than Anxiety is for you, if:


  • You would like to feel more calm and in control of your anxiety.
  • You would like to approach life with more confidence and ease.
  • You would like to learn the key tools and insights for managing anxiety.
  • You would like to feel more emotionally balanced and on top of things.
  • You would like to empower yourself with tools for life.


In summary, you can expect:


  • An affordable self-help guide offering a wealth of tips and tools for managing anxiety in the one package.
  • An interactive and digital format for ease of accessibility - viewable on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Unlimited access.
  • A holistic perspective that goes beyond the symptom management approach to get to the core of anxiety.
  • 35 lessons. Find what works best for you!
  • 5 bonus wisdom pieces for dealing with anxiety.
  • A whole lot of realness, humanness and love.
  • You’ll also find poems, symbolic symbols, guided meditations, uplifting quotes, worksheets and affirmations.


Behind the scenes - symbolism.


The message that sits behind Bigger than Anxiety has been woven with meaning and symbolism as a means of honouring the wholesome and cherished nature of its contents. Every page has been carefully constructed with consideration and love.


The aesthetic design of the book was inspired by both alchemy and mysticism. Alchemy being a form of thought or remedy that aims to encourage healing and transformation. And mysticism relating to the magical quality of life, the mysterious presence of something bigger. Mysticism also aligns with the charmed quality of books. Books behold a type of sacredness because they offer resonance and this is a potent form of alchemy, as words hold the power to awaken and motivate people.


The enchanted and vintage styling of the book revealed itself throughout its creation as the most appropriate way to house the Bigger than Anxiety message, one founded on life’s ancient wisdom, intertwined with a fresh, modern-day perspective.




Bigger than Anxiety Digital Book

  • Mental Health difficulties are tough. We understand just how exhausting it can be. The Honour Project emphasises the integral role of empowerment throughout the healing journey, not as a means of invalidating struggle but as a way of honouring the capacity we each possess to find a way forward. We also promote compassionate connection, not only as a community in standing together in acceptance and love but as individuals in compassionately accepting and re-connecting with ourselves. We view mental health difficulties as human experiences and signals to become curious of, not abnormalities or weaknesses to judge. Overall, we support people to recognise and employ their personal powers as a means of forging growth and change.

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