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Celestial Eyes.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A poem:

Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone before you know them?

A recognition, perhaps? A kindred knowing? A rendezvous within the eyes?

It’s a sixth sense of sorts, a soul’s memory of encounters past.

I don’t know exactly how to describe it, and yet I do know.

It’s an impression, a bond born amongst the stars.

It’s a spark kindled by sight, a lunar awakening of two journeys entwined.

I know little of what’s been before, only that it has been.

And I know not of where it will take me now, if anywhere at all.

Yet, I revere the meeting.

It tickles me and frightens me amongst a veil of comfort, because I know those eyes.

I remember their celestial being.

I feel their healing ways, their softening of my heart and the awe of their brown awareness.

It’s like coming home.

Flying through a spotted sky, floating in a maze of yellow flowers.

And so, beyond the mask, beyond my pierced soul, I have but one golden aspiration, an eternal wish.

I hope wherever those eyes land in this space and time, if not before me, they land in a garden of serenity.




Author: Rochelle Smith

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