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The Art of Gratitude: an interview

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

We asked Emma Fitts, the 'Gratitude Butterfly’, for her thoughts on gratitude, how we can implement the practise of gratitude into our everyday lives, and its interaction with our overall health and wellbeing...

What does gratitude mean to you?

Gratitude to me is such a beautiful way to help you to recognise, celebrate and connect to the beauty and blessings in your life. It is a way to step away from the ego and to reconnect into the simple and natural flow of positive life energy around us each day.

Have you always practised gratitude, or can you tell us how the practise came about for you?

When I was a teenager I was much more aligned with a Negative Nancy than a Gratitude Butterfly. I struggled with focusing on the positive in my life. I would rarely focused on the joy of what I already had in my life, but would constantly be complaining on what I didn't have, and constantly wanting more than I had. I have always been a sensitive person, so I can get really caught up in the negativity around me: such as stories I hear on the news etc. The more I paid attention to the general energy throughout the world around me, I realised just how much of it was negative. I had been working with the law of attraction for a years and the whole "what you focus on, that is what you attract" really made me sit up and think. Yes everything seemed so negative, but what was I doing to help change this? And the answer was nothing, in fact I was probably adding to. So in 2014 I decided that I wanted to focus on the positives in the world and in my life: and the Gratitude Butterfly was born. I started to write down 10 things I was grateful for each day and posting positive pictures to Instagram (just for myself) to help focus on the little blessing in my life. And the rest, as they say, is history!

How do you see gratitude interacting with mental health and wellness?

When we practice Gratitude daily, we are helping retrain our minds to connect and focus on the positives in our life. Gratitude helps us to be mindful and gets us to experience life from the heart space. When you are living from your heart space, you are much more inclined to practise Self Care, and show yourself the love you deserve. I have personally noticed a huge difference in my mental health since I have been living my life within the energy space of Gratitude. You can really see a shift in how you look after your health, as you have a much deeper love and respect for yourself: as you come to acknowledge and understand that you truly are a blessing to this world.

"When we practice Gratitude daily, we are helping retrain our minds to connect and focus on the positives in our life."

What are the benefits of a grateful heart?

You are more mindful of the world around you, and are able to see the positives in your life and all that is happening around the world.

Things that have seemed big and hard in the past, no longer have the same hold over you.

You are able to connect deeply in your relationships to family, friends, lovers and strangers: as you are in tune with the beautiful connection of their Light and yours.

You are able to notice the big and small blessings in your life, and by using the law of attraction: are able to open the flow of an abundance of these blessings into your life.

Tell us how you use gratitude in your everyday life?

Every night I write 10 things in my Gratitude diary that I am thankful for from that day. They can big things, such as: I am thankful for the safe and healthy birth of my new little cousin. And little things, such as: I am thankful for that first sip of freshly brewed coffee During the day, when things happen, such as I find a car space quickly at the shopping centre: I will say a big thank you to the Universe. By doing this, I am actively showing the Universe that I am thankful, and that I want more amazing moments like theses in my life. Another way I should Gratitude is by saying a little blessing before each meal. Taking this time each day is so important to me, as it helped to not only put positive energy into my food, but it helps prepare my body to accept this delicious meal to help nourish and strengthen me. I am thankful for the meal I am about to eat. I bless this meal into my body with Love and Light and it will be nourish, strengthen and nurture me. I am truly thankful.

"Gratitude to me is such a beautiful way to help you to recognise, celebrate and connect to the beauty and blessings in your life."

Finish this sentence... “Gratitude is....”

To me, gratitude is the simple joy of celebrating life’s blessings.




Emma Fitts is an Ayurvedic Health Coach with a love of Reiki and Energy Healing. Through her website, The Gratitude Butterfly, she is a holistic health lifestyle blogger/writer and is a speaker and Positive Living Guru. Em is passionate about inspiring people to live to their highest potential with a foundation in Happiness, Health and Gratitude. She inspires people all over the world to be aligned with their true Wild Self, and to be connected to the divine natural flow. Learn to live a life which overflows with Love, Wellbeing and Gratitude.

Contributor: Emma Fitts, founder of @gratitudebutterfly for The Honour Project.

Image: Photo by Morvanic Lee on Unsplash

Disclaimer: the above is an individual account, and is informative in nature. The information is not complete or definitive for individual cases, and is not intended as professional intervention. The information in this article does not replace the one to one advice of a registered health practitioner.

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